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M Snyder AGCO originalIn 1997 we published DairyLand and it became the first dairy site in Argentina on the internet. Years passed and we reissued the website, this time adding a letter «o» at the end, since the name chosen at that time, highlighting Argentina’s potential to produce milk, is in use today. In 7 years since the relaunch of the site, Dairylando has become a sought-after source of information both locally and abroad (more than 100,000 visits from more than 100 countries and taken as a source of information by USDA and GIRA Food between others)

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The author of this site is the Agricultural Engineer Marcos Snyder, who with more than 35 years in the dairy activity is considered a referrer and influencer in the area of ​​the economy of Argentine dairy farms. For more than 20 years he worked as an advisor to CREA groups, he has been Director of the Provincial Dairy Program of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires, and he was also Institutional Coordinator of Dairy of CREA, Manager of APYMEL, member of the Association’s Directive Commission Argentina of Animal Production (AAPA) and Member of the Technical Working Group of the Argentine Dairy Strategic Plan (PEL). In addition to serving as CEO of Dairylando, he works as an advisor and director of big milk producing companies, serves as a consultant and speaker on issues related to dairy production, and is a columnist for CHACRA magazine on dairy issues. Since 2018 he represents the producers of the West, Mar y Sierras and Abasto basin of Buenos Aires in the technical commission of SIGLeA, MINAGRI.

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