CREA farmer discussion groups

The CREA farmer organization points out a way of working that will always put light at the end of the tunnel.

Over fifty years have passed since the first group´s birth. Inspired in the french CETA groups, Pablo Hary, Movements founder, gave impulse to the over 180 actuall nationwide working groups.

The huge technologycal advance urge farmers to the team working system in which CREA´s methodology is based. People gather and exchange their experience and knowledge in a give&get sence constructing the highly valued feedback of the What&How-to-do net. At first it was just techno discussion, now it involves management expertise too, in all ways searching for a net income increase based on sustainable enterprise growth.

Exposed to an unregulated and globilized market, with no subsidy covering, local farmers are engaging in something that seems to alleviate the problems solution…discussion groups and average +50% in their milk yield per hectare over the nation output:

ScreenHunter_400 Jun. 30 09.48

Link to a complete presentation given during the Wisconsin Grazing Conference in 2005

You may visit the Official site and learn more about this, at :

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